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Decals and concepts

my decals

Apart from my daily job I design and make custom mountain bike decals (stickers). I create bespoke vector graphic design, use multi-coloured PANTONE-matched digital printing and, infrequently, design-cut decals from high-quality vinyl foil. I personally prefer decals with a clear prepreg layer for external applications, however, I have good experience with decals without a prepreg layer for clear coat applications (i.e. decals under the clear coat finish). I easily do design-cutting from vinyl foil for a simple, one-colour design in classic, metallic, or neon colours.

All my decals are digitally printed on transparent weatherproof self-adhesive vinyl foil by ORACAL. All colours are printed over white. Decals are supplied cut out and ready to apply. I provide you with a transparent transfer foil as well. Please note that my decals are not original, they are high-quality replicas, from professional, graphic design vector drawings of original decals. Please be aware that there can be slight differences to the original decals.

Last, but not least, I`m proud that all my decals are graphically designed and 100% made in Slovakia, Europe.