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Custom Bikes Building

Many bikers just buy a mountain bike and ride it. Some bikers re-build their new bike after they`ve bought it from a shop. And a few of us simply assemble our bikes by ourselves. This is exactly what I do. In the beginning, I bought my first mountain bike from a shop. Since then I`ve never bought another one as I always assemble it instead. Bike assembly and tuning is my passion. This is the only way to tailor the mountain bike to my personal needs. I call it a "turn-key" solution. My essential goal is to pick the best components, draw them up together, tune them, and then enjoy the ride.

In the next sections, you can find my custom-designed frames, components, bike decals, and some accessories. Note that some of my design and tuning activities are presented on my Instagram profile only. I believe you will find a lot of information and recommendations on my website that can help you build your dream bike. If you`re looking for even more information about my hobby, or you`re looking for help with building your dream bike, do not hesitate and contact me.