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Thank you for visiting my personal website. I understand that building a "dream bike" should be a unique experience. Therefore you`re always welcome to contact me and share your ideas or questions regarding my passion. If you`re looking for more information, or you`re looking for some help with building your dream bike, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

I speak English und ich spreche auch Deutsch.

Photos and articles here on my website are originals and are all my intellectual property. It is forbidden to re-use them without my written approval. I`m more than happy to share any information with you, however, send me a message first. Thank you.


To all who want to offer me web design, SEO, analytics, website re-design, graphics, etc. - STOP doing that. I'm not interested in your offers! I will NOT reply to any of your message. This is a personal website managed by myself only. Thank you.

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