my decals

Apart from my daily job I design and make custom mountain bike decals (stickers). I create bespoke vector graphic design, use multi-coloured PANTONE-match digital printing and, infrequently, design-cut decals from high-quality vinyl foil. I personally prefer decals with a clear prepreg layer for external applications, however, I have good experience with the decals without prepreg layer for clear coat applications (i.e. decals under the clear coat finish). I easily do design-cutting from vinyl foil for a simple, one-colour design in classic, metallic, or neon colours.


Nakamura Vertical
Kona Fire Mountain
Merida Dakar 630
Heavy Tools HT Comp
Kona Cinder Cone
FUCHS Super Sport
FUCHS Original Decals/Nalepky
Answer Manitou Hardtail HT
Heavy Tools Equipe R2
Specialized Big Hit
Cotic Solaris
Specialzied S-Works Bora Hansgrohe Edition Decals/Nalepky
Solid Strike Decals/Nalepky
KONA Honzo CR Race Decals/Nalepky
YETI Collection Decals/Nalepky
UNIVEGA Alpina S 7.7 Decals/Nalepky
Bike-Tech Toyo MTB Decals/Nalepky
KTM Decals/Nalepky
GT Team LTS Custom Decals/Nalepky
Mongoose Amplifier 2 Team Decals/Nalepky
GIANT Boulder Shock Decals/Nalepky
CHECKER PIG CPX 3001 Decals/Nalepky
NAKAMURA Zenith Decals/Nalepky
MIYATA Elevation 5,000 Decals/Nalepky
GRANDIS MTB Decals/Nalepky
Wheeler Race Titanium Decals/Nalepky
DBR AXIS TT Titanium Decals/Nalepky
SBIKE Decals/Nalepky
ELLISON Decals/Nalepky
1991 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp decals/nalepky
GAZELLE Champion Mondial Decals/Nalepky
MARIN Palisades Trail Decals/Nalepky



Rock Shox Indy XC
Rock Shox Judy XC
Kore + Fizik Custom
Mavic 217/X517 SUP Custom
Mavic X517 SUP CERAMIC 2nd Generation
Rock Shox Indy C
Answer A-TAC
YETI Ice Axe
Rock Shox Judy T2
Mavic 217 SUP 1st 2nd Edition
Mavic 217 SUP UB Control Decals/Nalepky
Mavic 217 SUP 3rd Generation Decals/Nalepky
Mavic D521 SUP 1st Generation Decals/Nalepky
Bergman Decals/Nalepky
AMP Fork Decals/Nalepky
Ringle Decals/Nalepky
ONZA Race Equiped Decals/Nalepky
Rock Shox MAG10/21 QUADRA21 Decals/Nalepky
Rock Shox MAG21 SL/Ti Decals/Nalepky
Control Tech Stem/Post Decals/Nalepky
TIOGA DiskDrive Decals/Nalepky
Rock Shox QUADRA 10 Decals/Nalepky
MAVIC 117 SUP CERAMIC Decals/Nalepky
SR SUNTOOUR Durolux Decals/Nalepky
Cook Quality Products (CQP) Cranks Decals/Nalepky
IBIS Stem and Handlebars Decals/Nalepky
Ritchey Logic fork decals/nalepky
2002 Rock Shox SID Race Carbon Decals/Nalepky
1997 Rock Shox Indy XC Decals/Nalepky

my concepts

Here I'm gonna share with you some of the design concepts I`ve made, but still not finally printed yet as decals. Many of them are classic replicas, but some are my custom-designed ideas ready-to-be decals.

DevilWork Cycles Decals/Nalepky
Cannondale Fatty Decals/Nalepky
Ringle Stem/Seatpost Decals/Nalepky
Kona Project Two Joe Murray Fork Decals/Nalepky
Rock Shox RS1 Custom Edition Decals/Nalepky
Barracuda Decals/Nalepky
Independent Fabrication Classic Decals/Nalepky
MERLIN Titanium Extralight Decals/Nalepky


Peter Lucansky

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Peter Lúčanský

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