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I make custom bike decals. I offer you personal approach and design, multi-coloured digital printing and cutting from vinyl. I focus on decals without prepreg layer for clear coat applications (i.e. under clear coat finish), as well as decals with clear prepreg layer for external applications. I can easy do cutting from vinyl for one-colour design and simple decals.

Nakamura Vertical
Kona Fire Mountain
Merida Dakar 630 Decals
Heavy Tools HT Comp
Kona Cinder Cone
Heavy Tools
Rock Shox Indy XC
Rock Shox original
Rock Shox Judy XC Black/Yellow
Kore + Fizik
FUCHS Super Sport
MAVIC Rim Decals


Besides traditional bike components tuning, I have discovered an advanced bike tuning with bike jewellery. Custom 3D head-badges, that might be fixed either on head tube, seat tube or anywhere you want on the frame, are typical unconventional bike jewellery. Every custom 3D head-badge is fully hand-made by my friend Jennifer in the United States.

Face Badge
Retro Bike Badge
DW 5

Unique customer-specified head-badges are made most commonly, however a head-badge of an existing company is possibly under strict condition (under written approval of copyrights owner), too.

S Works Color Badge
S Works Logo2

The very first 3D head-badge was hand-made from sterling silver and finished in the original colours of the SPECIALIZED company. There is only one SPECIALIZED S-Works badge in the world. The head-badge has been bound to the owner`s name and it`s not for sale.


A cocoon ergonomic cycling jersey with short sleeves has been taken as my team jersey. It offers three pockets on the back side, one with a zip. I positioned my small team logo at the front left side of the jersey together with other company logos I recommend on my web-site. The back side wears my big team logo with a web-site URL address.

ASC3849 1
ASC3868 2
ASC3873 1
ASC3886 1

2008 met veleno - world cup edition

ASC2352 1
ASC2355 1
ASC2369 1
ASC2370 1

2010 met veleno - venae edition

ASC2379 1
ASC2571 1
ASC2600 1
ASC2605 1


Peter Lucansky

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Peter Lúčanský

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